Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The World Cup frenzy!

The football fever is crazy! Okay I understand that we don't have a World Cup every year, but the frenzy is inexplicable. I get all the more surprised because India is not even part of the tournament! If this was cricket, I would sit glued to the TV for hours together because India plays a huge role there, specially being the world cup champions.

Coming back to football, there is no point in me trying to argue with lovers of the game on this. I don't understand the game nor have ever made any attempt to. I find it quite boring to see 22 people running after 1 football for 90 minutes or more! Unless there is a goal, there's nothing exciting about the game! In cricket, there are 4s, 6s, wickets, different ways to get out, different bowling techniques, batting styles etc which I like. But I fail to be able to watch a football match for more than 15 minutes. And I don't think I'll do any better in the next world cup.

The only reason I may watch the game for few minutes is due to some of the players - Messi being the favorite. 

Today, most people I know, regardless of their age, sex, city of residence, or sports orientation are going crazy about the world cup. Those in service are returning home early, taking a quick nap after dinner and waking up dot on time to support their favorite nation - mostly Brazil and Argentina. 

Even though I cannot relate to it or enjoy it, I deeply appreciate the passion of the people for this game. Also, I hope we always stay this way in India - we love what we love and stand by it, no matter what.


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