Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Just write

When you want to write, you should just write. Sometimes the best of ideas invade your brain when you are not thinking – just writing. It is essential to give vent to those feelings which are nameless and have stayed bottled up in your heart for months. You don’t know what to do with them and yet cannot dispose them off. Why? Is it because they or the people whose entry in your life accumulated those feelings still refuse to leave your heart even though they are no longer in your life? That’s tricky. I came across a wonderful quote this morning. It said- ‘One morning I woke up and decided that I don’t want to feel like this anymore, ever again. So I changed it.’ Simple, candid and deep. 

Writing is great to get rid of those 'don't want to feel like this anymore' kind of thoughts. It is so easy and comforting to write to myself because I don’t have to worry about people reading and commenting about how good or bad the write-up it is. Nobody is judging you then nor discussing if the flow of events in the article is correct or the content structure is consistent. That freedom means the world to a writer! In fact, these moments of madness or carefree writing help the structured or more serious writing to develop in your mind - the kind that can be refined and shared with a larger audience. When uploading content to a blog also- edits become important even though I think – this one should be posted as is.

So, writing to myself is the best part of writing! It just lets me be me and stay happy, smiling at the notepad at my desk or the empty word document on my laptop screen. Total bliss. 
Write more, think less while random writing. Give in to your writing urges. Just write – not for others, not to make money, not to be famous, nor for any other reason. Write so that you feel like writing more. Every written word does not need to be published. Write so that you fall in love with the writer in you all over again. Write because you love writing more than anything in this world. Write because you need to spoil that wicked little brain of yours every now and then. Love yourself. Write uninhibited. 


  1. (Hides) I give my comment hiding behind the woods... This is an unguarded Writing :) Which I read by mistake :(