Thursday, November 28, 2013

Do writers write all day?

It is easier said than done. So many things go on at the back of my mind that I get confused and tensed – what to do and what not. Later, when am in a more peaceful frame of mind, I understand that no action was needed at that time. But when I get into that mode of ‘everything needs to be done now’, I don’t achieve much. It’s just wasting a lot of time in the end.

For instance, I sit to write and then think – let me warm up with a round of Solitaire. Then it continues till I win a game. If I win easily, I go for a complex one. If I lose a complex one, I want to play till I win. Suddenly, I realize I haven’t written for half a day. I stop the game and open the word document. But there goes a beep on my mobile. I find a promotional message from some retail store. I delete the message. But before going back to my word document, I find my fingers still glued to the phone. I click whatsapp even though my mind says NO. I find hoards of group messages. I manage to ignore them but the moment I am about to exit, I find some personal messages. I have no option but to reply. So, at least twenty more minutes gone wishing Happy Dhanteras and Happy Diwali to folks I haven’t met for years nor would meet for the next few decades.

When I feel my virtual social life is almost in my control, the phone rings and I end up talking to my mother or my best friend for another fifteen minutes. ‘That’s it!’ I try to discipline myself. But then my hand is still gripping the phone. I give in to the ‘one last time’ desire to open Facebook. Ah – there are two likes on my profile photo. But I uploaded it a month back. Let me see who liked it now. Ah XYZ aunty – so sweet. This leads to scrolling down news feed and going through hundreds of updates from friends. Then there are some friends whose profile pictures or status updates you are duty-bound to like. I mechanically go and like those. Finally, am able to get over the trap of social networking. Mobile battery says ‘critically low’. I plug the cell on to the charger.

Am almost back to my word document when I realize I didn’t check my email. I go back to the mobile- too lazy to connect Internet through my laptop. Nothing spectacular happens on email. So I move to Linked In and then Twitter. I thank god silently that I am not on Pinterest or Instagram. I sign out of the last three social sites when I have a strong urge to take a quick look at my blog- like a hunger pang. I go there and don’t find anything new. Obviously because I haven’t written anything new yet!

I scroll here and there and then visit the other blogs I am following. Nothing new there also – because this may be the nineteenth time I am looking at those today! Oh-I am getting a headache. I leave them all, lock the phone and put it on the charger. I feel so tired. Let me close my eyes for two minutes. Or better let me get myself a cup of tea. I get up and make some coffee instead. I come back to my seat. Err… so where was I? Since I have taken a break, let me play a quick round of Solitaire before I move to my word document. It will be a good warm up before I start writing.

And you know what happens next :p


  1. Writers think, wonder, fidget, tangle, untangle, straighten, decide, absorb :) I love this part of every writer.... You are such a true writer....

    1. ....and writers procrastinate also :(. Thanks for the last bit ;)