Tuesday, October 29, 2013

God and godliness

Just the moment I was about to give up hope, God appeared from nowhere. Yes, the same God we know, worship, love and immortalize. I was taken aback. “Is this really God?” I wondered, “or just a figment of my imagination?”

God didn’t address me as 'my child' nor looked very godly. But intuitively, I knew that God was standing right in front of me.  It is difficult to describe what God looked like. God did not wear traditional god-like clothes or come with a halo hovering over the head. But God was wearing this unending smile that was infectious. It touched me instantly and stuck to my face ever since. People I meet may think I am funny and smiling for no reason. But that’s what god wants I gathered – for us to keep smiling in life; you don’t always need a reason to smile.

If you smile every now and then, it will create enough reasons for more smiles. When you greet people with that contagious smile, you will be amazed to witness how quickly it multiplies and surpasses all mathematical calculations. One beaming smile can lead to ten, twenty, hundreds, or thousands more smiley faces. That is miraculous! Miracles are always hiding behind simple gestures and simple deeds. That’s what God told me today. I needn’t wait for any miracle to happen. A simple a gesture as a smile can create miracles right here, right now.

I suddenly try to visualize God’s face as I have seen in photographs, statues, pictures, and in my dreams. I try my best to compare that image to the God standing in front of me today. Though the face looks familiar and like someone I have met before, there is a unique appeal that is refreshing. I wondered if the smile did the trick or is it the magnanimous energy emanating from God that is making this meeting so beautiful. Perhaps the bright radiance of a new dawn, assurance in abundance and a bundle of hope make us go back to God time and again. When children pray, they see a reflection of their own souls in God, which makes their conversations with God interesting and candid, almost like a chit-o-chat with a friend.

Reverence is like loving your child or your dog – it is unconditional. It results in peace, happiness and a sense of security. Selfless love for someone for want of nothing in return is also a way of appreciating God’s creation of the human emotion we call love. Praying to God can also mean embracing your dream and following it with single-minded devotion.

As we get closer to God, we know that religion has got nothing to do with God. God is all about love, peace, strength, resolve, and happiness. If we focus on the positive in life and greet every adversity with courage, we have an opportunity to meet God every day. 


  1. Loved this!

    Yup, As you smile and radiate the happiness, we become God. God is within you too! :)))

    1. Thanks :):). You're right - god is within us :)