Monday, July 18, 2011

Cheers to Friendship!

Film Review: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara

What an awesome weekend this has been!! This is the second time in two consecutive years that a Hrithik movie and a Harry Potter flick released on the same day! Last year it was Guzaarish and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I’ and this year it’s Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara and ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II’.

I can go on and on with the incredible HP movie, but for now, let me just stick to Hrithik and his fabulous team.

Live every moment of your life… that is the motto of this fun-filled, hilarious, and thoroughly enjoyable movie on friendship, love, and life.

Three buddies—Kabir (Abhay), Arjun (Hrithik), and Imran (Farhan) travel to Spain, to explore the picturesque locales and celebrate their love for adventure sports. Through their story, we relive our moments of joy and laughter spent with friends who matter.

The characterization could not have been better. Full marks to Zoya Akhtar for making each reel-life character real and narrating our stories through theirs. The best part of the movie is that it tells us no matter how hard we work, or how successful we become, there is a child in us that wants to play. And life happens during this playtime. So, the next time you think of postponing a holiday because of ‘work’ or ‘boss’, think again!

The individual traits of the three main characters have been portrayed with a subtle flamboyance. Arjun the trader is a perfectionist; Kabir the millionaire entrepreneur is the typical desirable ‘husband material’; Imran is the quick-witted copywriter who sets the screen on fire with his wisecracks! There’s a scene where all 3 friends (in their respective cities) are packing their bags to fly to Spain to celebrate Kabir’s last bachelor holiday! Arjun, packs his bags meticulously—carefully checking that clothes are neatly ironed, Kabir, is least bothered about the packing, while Imran simply bundles up anything and everything in his suitcase! Kabir travels first class, Arjun business class and Imran ‘cattle class’ or economy, like most of us. The detailing by the Director is absolutely brilliant!

There are so many moments in the movie that will make you laugh and laugh and well, laugh! And it is not slapstick! The humor is quick-witted and sharp. Playing pranks like schoolboys, or relating the ‘Doordarshan’ theme song with depression, or the ‘ring n proposal’ episode between Kabir and his fiancĂ© Natasha (Kalki) will make you laugh your heart out! Not to forget the most popular ‘ladies handbag in Bollywood yet—‘BAGwati’.

While Hrithik Roshan will definitely make your heart skip multiple beats with his Greek-God looks and natural acting, you cannot help love Farhan Akhtar for his wit, charm, and sensitivity. Abhay Deol on the other hand scores on acting, screen-presence and a no-nonsense attitude.

About the female leads: Katrina (Laila) is like a breath of fresh air—she looks stunning and does justice to her character. Kalki is awesome and with her powerful acting and I am convinced that she is definitely a heroine to watch out for in the coming years.

Deepti Naval and Nasiruddin Shah add flavor to the movie with their cameos.

The music of the movie is feel-good. I loved the picturisation of the song ‘Senorita’. The rendition of the song by the 3 male leads makes it special and unique!

The exotic locations, the long-drives, the lush meadows, the freshness of deep blue sea—the movie is a must watch for nature lovers! I have always been apprehensive about water sports, but after watching ZNMD, I have decided to go deep-sea diving at least once in my life, whenever that is!

The romantic close-ups between Katrina-Hrithik, arguably the most beautiful screen pair in Bollywood today is portrayed with finesse and depth. Their on-screen chemistry is awesome and I wonder why they have waited so long to do a movie together!

Moments create magic. The movie has many magical moments. So, even though there is no real ‘climax’ in this movie, you will love it! While I would still rate ‘Dil Chahta Hain’ higher than ZNMD, watch this movie if you are a believer in the institution of friendship. Even the worst of fights or altercations do not destroy true friendships. A true friend will never threaten to harm you or humiliate you--no matter how bad a misunderstanding you may have had! This movie is a wonderful example of that.

I loved the movie so much that I was compelled to write a review J. This is a must-watch film and highly recommended. Cheers to Friendship!

In conclusion, I would just say—So the peoples…get the readies to the watch the fun that the buouys have in the ZNMD J.


  1. Moitrayee, u change my i shall definitely watch ZNMD...and pls think about becoming the official reviewer.....:-)


  2. :) thanks so much Imran! The movie is awesome and am sure you would like it too!

  3. lovelyyyyyyyyyyy analysis!..i loved it...the review and the movie:)... keep dear sis!...

  4. Simple and crisp narration yet with a brilliant potential for me to rewind the whole movie with all magical moments :) Keep up the good writing !