Wednesday, June 22, 2011


The human mind is more complicated than we can imagine. And human emotions, often convoluted and on tenderhooks.

I realized recently that just as love is important in your life, you also need to experience hatred in some form or the other. It makes you stronger.

When people love you, you feel happy and love them back. They make you smile, laugh, and feel good about yourself. You can in turn, love them back and add more meaning to their lives.

On the contrary, when someone hates you, you may not always be able to reciprocate that feeling. They avoid you, make you cry, and treat you miserably. You feel worse if these are people you value or look up to! But you cannot really do much here.

As Paulo Coelho writes, "If you feel like a victim, you will be treated like one". So, accept the fact that yes, there are people in the world who hate you. If they are happy hating you, let them be!

Love is often portayed as a shield of the weak and hatred--the weapon of the strong! People will always tell you to work on your weakness but nobody questions your strength. Love feeds on hope, whereas hatred laughs at vulnerability.

If you can embrace hatred, or at least take it in your stride, life will be far more peaceful.


  1. :) As someone who believes in detached attachment, I always think if I have done things to the best of my ability. If so and still the other person dislikes (hate is too strong a word) me, then I have no control over that.... I am ok with that.

  2. :)). You bet, me too! And mostly, the hatred is mutual ;)