Thursday, July 7, 2016

Romancing the Rains...

What is it about the rains that makes a pluviophile's heart go a flutter?

Is it the first raindrop that lands on your head unawares till your fingers that were carelessly combing your unruly hair discover it prompting an impromptu giggle?

Is it the uncanny godliness of the fresh-earth smell that bowls you over?

Could it be the damp nose of your dog that feels drier but cooler and more lovable than usual?

Is it the shorty drizzle or the longish, plump droplets that travel faster than your shamelessly stark ogle and reach the ground?

Is it that heart-skips-a-beat feeling that brings back fond memories of your first brush with romance?

It could be a million things, or more.

I feel it is more about 'romancing the rains' rather than 'romancing in the rains'. It is like falling in love with the idea of love, not with a specific person. But then the person, even if imaginary, would be a welcome treat!

A perfect rainy day is one that allows you to laze in your den with your favorite murder-mystery, a hot cup of coffee, and your dog curled up next to you. You can listen to the sound of the rains and appreciate the magnificence from your window or balcony. And of course, you have a soulful 'raga' playing in the background. It could also be a 'ghazal' or a 'soft romantic' Arijit Singh number. Total bliss.

The perfect rainy day could also be one when you are by the sea -either at the beach or in a cafĂ©, gazing at the beauty unfolding in front of your eyes. All you do is appreciate what you witness and immerse yourself in that unrestrained love.

Ah well... a perfect rainy day could also be one which brings old friends or family together - a chance encounter perhaps.

As your mind wonders and wanders, enjoy romancing the rains :)

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