Thursday, June 30, 2016

How hard-hitting are betrayals?

No, I am not talking about betrayals in love. How often have you been cheated by friends? Or is that also ‘cool’ these days? Regardless of how we look at it, I am sure most of us have tasted deceit in friendship at least once in life. 
Sensible people don’t waste time thinking about it. They cut off the disloyal person from their life and move on. Sensitive people sulk, write blogs, and waste a lot of time before finally accepting the fact that they have been fooled.

I don’t know if I would characterize myself as sensible or sensitive. Perhaps it depends on the person and your relationship with him/her. Some betrayals make you feel bad but you ignore them as they don’t matter. Others might leave you angry, upset, irritated, or shocked.

The worst kind of betrayal is that which comes from someone who has mastered the art of pretence. You will be ignorant of the skilful way the ‘friend’ will extract information from you and use it to suit their interests. While you trust the person in good faith, you will have no clue what they are up to behind your back!
The reveal will shock you and the puzzle will look impossible. When you see your friend enjoying the exact opposite things they swore to you they abhor, don’t be surprised. This is just the beginning. You will soon find them hanging out with the people they said were in their ‘hate’ list.
Then you need to stir your memory bank a bit so as to allow it to replay some incidents that had irked you when they had occurred. For instance, once upon a time, this person had relentlessly cajoled you to badmouth people they claimed they hated (the same people they have befriended now)! You thank God now that you had refused to utter anything negative back then.
If that is not enough, your so-called friend will try to sweet-talk you into something again, unaware that his/her true colours have been revealed to you. If you ignore, s/he will sever ties with you and make it look like you broke the bond!
Be patient. Your puzzle pieces will come together.
So, next time before you make the statement - “My friend XYZ can never do that,” think again. As the saying goes: “Never say never.”

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