Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Some not-so-good days!

I would have liked my first post of 2015 to have been happier and livelier. But I guess writers have their bad days too, which may not be related to writing. The ideal thing to do during those times is to lie low and sharpen your claws. Hibernating is important when you want to bounce back all energized and positive. When you are spending time with yourself, one or more of the following work wonders.

1. A good book: Always have a good book by your side, for all days...good and bad. On good days, they will make you happier. On bad days, they will uplift your spirits. Some people prefer reading the same book over and over, especially on days they don't feel sunny. That works! For me, a Paulo Coelho book should be within reach, whether I am at home or travelling. Currently, I also have a very interesting 'The Constant Art of Being a Writer' by N.M Kelby with me. It lists some simple, yet detailed steps to becoming the writer you want to be. These kind of books discipline you when bad days distract you.

2. A soulful song: Whether you can sing well or not is irrelevant. In school, we used to sing a lovely song in Class I. The lines go like this:
Every body has a song
Every body can sing
All you have to do is try
Even rusty bells ring
Then further referring to the throat are the lines: Set it free now, let it be now, sing a song to me.
A good song often spoils a bad day and I just love that.

3. A notepad and pen: Doesn't matter what you write but when you let your thoughts flow freely, it is liberating and often helps you accept the situation you are in and plan 'what next'. You can stay distracted for a bit by surfing the Internet, but the bugs will be back to bite you when you are offline. As opposed to that, the notepad and pen will eagerly await your story, whenever you are ready.

4. A gooey chocolate: It has an immediate effect on the mind, the heart, the soul. It boosts your sugar levels. So unless you are diabetic, a chocolate or a chocolateyy pastry or icecream is highly recommended. Even people who don't like chocolates have felt good after eating one during their bad/sad day.

5. A brisk walk: Even better if you are able to run. Just enjoy the beauty of the nature. Once in a while blink when you appreciate something...like the sunset, a unique leaf or flower, a happy bird...anything. Closing your eyes for a fraction of a second will help you capture the moment in your mind's camera. Don't try this if your mood is sour due to high fever or any physical ailment.

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