Tuesday, December 23, 2014

PK Disappoints

Film Review: PK
Cast: Aamir Khan, Anushka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajput, Boman Irani
Directed By: Rajkumar Hirani
Music: Shantanu Moitra and others
Most people who appreciate meaningful cinema were looking forward to PK. But PK falls flat. Aamir Khan disappoints. Raju Hirani disappoints.
The movie started on an innovative note and I liked the concept that Aamir Khan was playing the role of an alien. But then… what happened to the script after that?
Those who have watched ‘Oh My God’ will find PK rather dull. PK makes a mockery of some religious leaders, which I must admit is quite hilarious. We enjoy a laugh or two. But that’s not all. PK goes a step further and starts a subtle attack on select religions. That is upsetting because the movie stars a sensibly sensitive creative genius like Aamir Khan.
India is a tolerant nation. We Indians tolerate ludicrous religious extremism, ghastly terrorist attacks, violence against children, and more. So, we tolerate this nonsensical movie too! Incidentally, there was no reference to terrorist attacks in the name of religion! But the last thing we needed was the glorification of the Pakistan embassy!
I wonder why the reference to ‘the letter’ was traced back to the failure of the fraud swami (I cannot remember his very forgettable name…sorry!). After all, it was just a misunderstanding between two adults in love. No? Why did we need to attach a religious tinge to it?
For someone who keeps the country together with the powerful Satyameva Jayate, what was PK? A boring, biased, and mindless saga of a confused alien?
Next time, just the names Aamir Khan or Raju Hirani on the posters may not motivate me to buy movie tickets. Kya pata, PK banaya hoga!

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