Monday, June 11, 2012

Write, write, write!

Blogging was never planned!

I enjoy writing and was always comfortable jotting down thoughts in a diary or bits on pieces of paper. Earlier this year when I went home to Kolkata, I was looking through my old diaries, albums etc and smiling to myself. I thought-- God, I really wrote all this and so much of it? Some poems made me laugh (they were silly!) and some write-ups were decent-ish :p. But if I was to write them today, would they be different? Perhaps not.. if I was jotting them down on paper. For one, scribbling to myself helped me write in a certain flow--uninterrupted, happy and peaceful.

Writing a blog perhaps helps one plan their write-ups better (not that I planned to write this one though). Before publishing, am sure everyone reads their draft one more time--thinking about the audience reading it. Even if nobody reads, we still revise the draft once! Writing on paper gives you more independence--you can write anything and everything because you are writing to yourself.

Nevertheless, I enjoy writing on my blog these days. When I joined blogspot, I had a dormant account for over a year. After I 'published' my first post, I thought a few times, 'should I just delete it?'. And there was a funny feeling--publishing my own work! I always related 'publishing' to well...publishing. Then I don't know when, I got used to writing on the web.

However, I still write on paper. I love notebooks--the ones with handmade paper or the ones with decorative covers. I once had a notebook with a Jaipur print cover. It was beautiful and I loved writing in it. Even today, I like collecting beautiful and ethnic looking notebooks and diaries. They have a nice fragrance in them too, just like old books. I just love the old book smell.

In the end, its all about writing after all! We look for experimenting with different media when it comes to penning our thoughts. Whether one writes on a banana leaf, on the sand, on rocks, on walls, on paper, or over the net- writing is a friend who always stands by your side--in happiness, in sorrow, in pain, and in celebrations!

Cheers to writing and writer friends!


  1. Cool blog. Liked your other posts too.

    Best Wishes,
    Reena Khatun