Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A wee bit of true love!

Sometimes we just want to write about love—doesn’t matter who won, who lost, who received it and who didn’t, who handled it best or who let it slip away just like that. Doesn’t even matter what kind of love—romantic, platonic, friendship or any other kind of love in any other relationship! It is that feeling of love that matters.
Talking about romantic love, a lifetime of togetherness with a loved one is what we all desire and cherish when we have it. But a fleeting romance that tug at your heartstrings long ago can hit you unaware years later when you least expect it! The same ‘feeling of love’ can come back to you in waves even if the person hasn’t. It may sound weird, but it happens! Perhaps that is what I would call true love, though many people would have different and valid viewpoints. True love comes in so many different forms and versions evoking so many different kinds of emotions and reactions from so many different people. Yet, the common factor binding them all is love.

True love to me is when you love someone deeply even long after they are not in your life. There is pain attached to true love and a strange pleasure in that pain also. A glimpse of your loved one is what you want to avoid for the rest of your life, yet every moment you pine to catch a glimpse of him/her. Each time you see something, eat something or visit a new place—you want to share it with your true love. But the next moment, you dread that you don’t bump into the person at a public place! It is very difficult disguising your emotions in public and most of the times we end up embarrassed, artificial or over-the-top, trying to look happy in front of that person. There is kind of a hidden message—'See how happy I am without you?' The reality of course is far from that.

When you so want to hug someone you love tightly and all you have with you is a rugged pillow, you hug the pillow anyway! But in front of our true love, there is a tendency to put up a ‘don’t-care’ attitude that interprets as ‘Hug? What’s that?’

Once in a while we all need a hug…the more the merrier. Friendly hugs, a romantic hug, a caring hug, a JLT tight hug and so on and so forth. The warmth of a true-love’s hug can melt the hardest hearts too. The best way to experience true-love’s hug is hugging your pet dog. It just feels so awesome and I miss it for so many years now. The hugs, the licks—the best stress buster in the whole world!

True love sticks on to you. It refuses to leave you even when all that you share with each other is prolonged, infinite, and uninterrupted silence. But yet, we desire to love truly and experience the magic as long as we live.


  1. this is such an amazing piece... your writing touched me. kudos!!