Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Some things are destined not to happen---don’t mess with them

Well… people often talk about destiny and of things that are destined to happen.
But have you ever thought or pondered why something did not happen? It is not because you are unlucky or because god does not love you. Perhaps, it did not happen because it was destined not to happen… or never to happen.

First, we come across someone and fall in love, almost instantaneously. Second, we give it some time to understand if it is the real thing or just a fling. Finally, by the time you actually realize it is love, it may so happen that the other person does not feel anything anymore. This is a classic example of something that is destined not to happen. If he does not feel for you, he does not feel. No signs can make him feel something for you overnight. It is destined not to happen.

You keep thinking, take signs from emotions and coincidences and circumstances in life. But finally, the serendipity like feeling does not hold ground. Each time you think true love is round the corner, you miss the bus.

You may feel intuitive, interprete signs or even smile at a 'good omen'. But the problem starts when you want to hold on to that 'state of mind'. Usually these intuitions fall flat. They start with unrealistic expectations that end relationships on a bitter note. It is upsetting, but with age, we learn to accept it gracefully.

BUT...this does not mean you give up on 'love'. It is impossible to stop loving. Restraining emotions is not in your hands. What, however, is in your control is to stop misreading the signs. Acceptance is the greatest solace for the mind. When you learn to cope and accept the fact that "it will not happen because it was never meant to be", the mind is at peace.

As an extremist, I would say, destroy any indications of any sign the moment you have any visibility of it 'coz it is never going to happen. The universe conspires only when someone as iconic as Paulo Coelho decides to write ‘The Alchemist’. The universe conspires only when Karan Johar decides to make ‘Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna’. In everyday life, there is nothing that can make what is ‘destined not to happen’ to happen. 

Love is all about feeling. If you feel, you have loved. It may be unrequited, but you are at peace and in sync with yourself. On the contrary, if you are building hopes that your signs will lead you to your lady love, it never happens that way.

Two people must love each other to make love happen. Love is true. Signs mean nothing.

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  1. Very precise and clear thoughts but they smell anger from a disappointed kid :) Have faith, belief and trust: Signs do work and Life is a miracle :)