Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Got a Minute?

As we grow up, we realize that the most valuable gift we can 'gift' a loved one is TIME. The time spent in the company of a friend or a loved one is invaluable.

As adults, we feel the most guilty when we cannot make time for people who matter. We feel guilty and think of new ideas as often as we can to cover up the guilt. Take the example of busy parents for instance. I've seen many parents who will buy expensive gifts for their kids. It is their way of apologizing for the inability to give 'time' to their children or 'dote' on them.

Gradually, this becomes a habit - for both parties. The child gets used to the gift and gets cranky if it goes missing. The parent, on the other hand feels less and less guilty for reaching home late and is satisfied at having pacified the child with a 'material' gift.

Now, that's what I think is the real cause of concern. Sadly, the miniscule amount of patience that we have these days is what makes us look for quick-fix solutions all the time.

Is it so difficult to make an effort to at least honour a commitment or make time for a loved one? Is the memory span so less these days (due to over-dependence on gizmos) or has our conscience just taken an indefinite sabbatical?

As they say, we always find time for things we want to do. We always make time for people we want to spend time with. So, why postpone it to tomorrow, when it can be done today?

Take the first step to a happy and fulfilling life now.

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  1. I agree to all that you have mentioned. But isn't the world moving that way? How can one escape it unless one consciously decides on giving up on the 'race'.