Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life's Sudden Surprises!

Sometimes, life throws sudden surprises at us. Not all of them are pleasant and there is an instant sense of disbelief when you encounter such a surprise. It may be a breach of trust, unfolding of a new episode in your life, or just a plan that didn't work despite the best of intentions. While some people find it easy to stay emotionally detached, for some others - acceptance takes time. Ironically, these surprises are thrown at us when we least expect them and are perhaps in a happy frame of mind. To be fair, that's the way it should be! Otherwise how do we appreciate the good phase and the rewards that life bestows upon us?

Moving on by accepting things as they come is perhaps the easiest way to stay happy. More often than not, it is a trivial incident, a comment made in the passing, or a silly misunderstanding that disrupts your thought process and changes your perspective towards life! And as you grow older, you feel that certain things do not matter at all. You get that little jolt when unpleasant surprises catch you off guard, but it doesn't shock you anymore! You may get hurt temporarily, but there's nothing that makes you want to do something to change it. I don't know if we call that maturity or compromise. Whatever it is, it happens with everyone.

At the end of the day, we have learned. The experience has made us stronger to face the next sudden surprise of life!

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