Wednesday, July 17, 2013

A spontaneous evening date with the sea

Off late, I feel closer to nature – especially to the sea. I don’t know if this is because of the decisions I made recently or due to the rains. Spending time with nature is always refreshing, rejuvenating and comforting. There's some magic in the embracing openness of mother nature that helps me shed all inhibitions and savor the peaceful, silent moments.

Yesterday after work – I found myself planning an impromptu visit to the seaside. It was raining and the sea beach is at least an hour-long journey from my office. But then my heart said ‘let’s go’ and I didn't want to kill the impulsive wish :).

I walked by the sea for sometime and then entered a coffee shop adjacent to the sea-shore. It is among my favorite tranquil corners in this busy city. I got myself a cup of tea while rejoicing the beauty of silence. The only sounds that my ears would register were that of the roaring sea waves and the soft 'whoooosh' of the gentle sea breeze. My tea was cold in seconds but that did not matter. My date with the sea was far more intriguing.

I kept gazing at the sea waves and the rocks that they crushed against, time and again. It was as if I was witnessing a love story. I set my imagination free. Silence can speak volumes! 

Each time the sea wave approached the rock she said, "Here I come again. Don’t let me just go past you- hold me and let me stay with you. Or better – why don’t you break into pieces and we can flow together?"

The rock did not move an inch. But he became shiny and lively each time the sea wave kissed and embraced him. 

"I want to come with you’ – the rock said. "But I cannot. Don’t you see that’s how I am? If today, I ask you to stand still beside me as a rock, would you be able to? Oh would you?" 

The sea wave replied – "I wish I could. But just like you, I am also bound by nature. I will come back to you every day – but will never be able to stay with you. Isn't it beautiful that we cannot do without each other and yet we cannot stick to each other? Our differences make our relationship so beautiful."

"I love you" said the rock. 

"You are my lifeline" replied the sea wave. "Our love for each other ensures we bump into each other’s arms a hundred times, every day".

The rock smiled and took his time to respond. "It is these moments that make us love each other so passionately, perfectly. No matter how far we are from each other, we will always co-exist. Again, no matter how close we are, we can never be tied to each other." 

‘I’ll always come back to you – even if you don’t move or come along with me", the sea wave promptly added.

"I will wait for you forever" replied the rock, "No matter how much you hurt me with your violent mood swings".

In response, the sea wave suddenly hugged the rock tightly and said, "I cannot say - don’t leave me and go. But I look forward to hugging you once more – oh just that one more time". 

Life’s choices are like that. We can choose to be the free-flowing sea wave or the solid resolute rock depending on situations that life challenges us with


  1. A very beautiful note. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to witness such a warm and strong relationship between the generous sea and silently supportive rock. This note of yours strengthens the belief that destination is not everything, real essence of life lies in the journey we undertake.

    1. Thanks so much for such a motivating comment :). Am happy you liked the post.

  2. It has to be an imaginative mind who can write this article. I am not surprised that it came from you but I am full with the soulful element it has in it. So much so that it chokes me to a certain extent, and I am loving that choking part in my throat.

    What I take away from the write up is Every person is different in their existence and still there can be a great chemistry and togetherness provided we accept the differences on a good note :)

    Very nicely written as usual....

    1. Thanks loads for this comment - am overwhelmed :). Am so glad that you enjoyed reading this one.