Monday, June 3, 2013

Once again today...

Once again today – I feel the need to write impromptu. Once again today – I love the environment that surrounds me and wish that these moments lasted forever. They are not extraordinary events, they don't involve 'something happening' nor can I say that other people have not experienced such moments. But still for some uncanny reason - I love these moments. They are simple, carefree moments that bring such immense inexplicable joy. Enjoying an unplanned coffee, talking engagingly about an insignificant topic or just enjoying silent moments alone or with people you want to be surrounded with .... in other words - living the moment. That's magical.

I don’t know if I feel this happiness because of the onset of monsoons or because of the familiar fragrance of loved ones around.

Some people bring a lot of happiness by just being beside us silently. I have this feeling since childhood - relationships grow deeper in silence- friends come closer when they meet after long intervals and joys are doubled when someone you don’t expect to see turns up at your doorstep. Spending time with loved one is important - that can be by just being with each other and enjoying in the quiet; that can be by talking for hours over the phone; that can be by just exchanging smileys online; that can be by meeting everyday. As long as the people we love are in our thoughts and on our mind - life is beautiful.

Life has funny ways of making us smile in the weirdest of circumstances and of catching us unawares in embarrassing situations before people who have never seen us that way before :p. And at moments when we are indecisive and feeling a bit messed-up, life gives us an opportunity out of nowhere and floors us with the marvel of simplicity.

I thank god for life and for the people who create beautiful moments to make my life worthwhile.

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