Wednesday, January 16, 2013


I am happy today! The day has been good and there have been quite a few reasons to smile - no matter how simple :)

But can I make the above statement everyday? Not really. We have worries, tensions, problems, and a lot of emotional baggage that pull us down. On those days, the 'I am happy' bit doesn't make sense. But more often than not, the WORRY SYNDROME can be avoided.

I have seen people around me who are always worried. They are always tensed about something or the other. If there is no tension, they feel inadequate. Honestly, I am not joking! People even go to extremes. A colleague of mine had once said, 'I have had nothing to worry about in the whole of last week and that is really worrying me. Do you think there is a problem? '. I didnt know whether to laugh or sympathise! Finally, at the risk of sounding insensitive, I said 'Yes, please go visit a shrink'.

Why do people worry so much when they do? Is it worth it? Certainly not. If I am aware that I cannot help a situation at a given point of time, what do I gain through tension? I get hypertension, more tension, more doctor visits, more tablets etc etc. Whereas, it is simpler to lead a tension-free life.

One major tension area for most people is when it concerns a loved one's wellbeing. I know it is not easy not to worry. But there is no harm in trying at least! When we have a plan and work with a calm mind- even a herculean task becomes easy. On the contrary, when we unnecessarily get tensed and act in haste- we end up making a mountain out of a mole hill. That builds up more tension. Phewww!

We fear the worst first and then keep negotiating with our mind 'No, it can't be that bad! But then.. what if? no, not possible!' Subconsciously, we keep bargaining with our minds and involuntarily add to the already dormant tension. In such cases, the more we try not to absorb the tension, we get enveloped in it. In such situations, it often helps if we make a decision and stick to it. For instance, I decide that I will NOT think about it because I know I cannot contribute to changing the situation. Instead, I will focus on something else. In other words - Get distracted.

Distraction is the best remedy for tension. If your hobby or even TV, music, books don't help- take recourse to writing. If you hate writing, call a friend - talk to someone. You don't necessarily have to talk about your tension! Discuss about anything else. Food is often is a big stress-buster. Talk food :). Spend some time with the nature or with your pet/neighbour's pet.

If NONE of these work, we still have another option. FACE IT. If you think you can improve the situation- please act on it instead of getting tensed! If there is really nothing you can do but worry, stand in front of the mirror and talk to yourself. Tell yourself that the best option at this moment is to wait as you have no control over the situation. It is 'out of scope' for you and just not your business! With time, if your intervention helps- you will be first one to run and solve it. 

Till then, give wings to this little worry of yours - let it fly out of the window. Set it free :)  


  1. Your writings are very inspiring. As a reader I can draw and make a schema in my mind. Thank you for such a beautiful write up. I sincerely look forward for more writings from you. Best Wishes.

  2. Very nice one Moitrayee. Very thought provoking too. Really liked reading it. I look forward to read more from you..... :)

  3. Thanks so much Payal and Sanhita! Your comments are very encouraging :)