Monday, April 11, 2011

Simple Joys of Life

Simple joys of life are to be cherished, enjoyed, and treasured. Often in simple joys, we find a deeper meaning--a purpose in life. Some of us pick up the pen and start writing impromptu, some like to use a paintbrush... still others may resort to a few clicks to fulfill their passion. Then there are others who like singing or shaking a leg. Again, there are others who find solace in social service. The list is endless.

At any point in life, when we find ourselves at crossroads, the best way to start afresh is to get closer to your inner self and take a step towards the dream you always wanted to realize.

Writing, for example, is such a stress-buster. And I know people who write so well that they can give any professional writer a run for their money. But in the hustle-bustle and other complexities of life, these passions get subdued, suppressed, and sometimes even die.

Don't let that happen to yourself, I remind myself and others who are dear to me. Just go, write, publish that book you have been wanting to. There cannot be greater satisfaction than that. Don't procrastinate and don't let the mundane hullabaloo get in between you and your dreams.

You deserve the best. So, go, get it :)

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