Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Solitude of Protected Wilderness

Who treads there?
Who ventures down the forbidden bridle-path
winding thro' thickets in the dense backwoods?

Time and again, memories traverse--
(Mind) reminisces Oak-Cedar-Rhododendron
At times, the fiery red flames of Sal-Simul-Palash
flashing in the lush woodland yellow and green.
And peeps through mangrove forests Kend and Garan
standing high on briny water and mud,

Or, ambles down the beach dunes, gazing at Jhau-Cashew-Casuarina
and Prospis Juliflora in desert sand
thorny bushes, fallen leaves here and there
wild grass-flower dandelion.
The dabbling mind meanders again--
Recalls the ivory spring-water rustling
on the pebbles-gravels-rockbed now and then.

Who thou explore?
Proceed no more; ruffle not the memoirs
Let the mahua-sozzled mindset remain ever
In tranquil solitude of protected wilderness. 

(My translated poem published in the book titled: World Poetry Festival 2011.
Translated from the original in Bangla written by Rathin Ghosh.)


  1. hat's off! Brilliant Moitrayee.

  2. Is it that little Chiky of mine???!!!What a brilliantly wonderful translation!!!I am more than touched,dear.Keep up this hidden quality of yours.A Big God-bless to you.Bahni Mashi.

  3. Thanks Kunal.

    Thanks so much Bahni Mashi for all the encouragement.