Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Streaks of Madness?

Have you experienced this yet? Everyone at some point in life experiences streaks of madness. I cannot tell about the frequency though. In my case, I often come under attack and quite enjoy it. Sometimes, I get this runaway syndrome. Within minutes, I turn into this seriously impulsive person with variant streaks of madness.

At least, I am human enough to realize the madness and write about it. How many people can do that ;)?

I feel like giving it all up and heading to the Himalayas. Running through lush-green meadows (no, not only to bump into SRK!) till I reach the endless vastness of the sea--- that is one of my favorite dreams. I love nature I guess and appreciate the hues of green and blue and often shades of bright orange, fiery red and golden yellow. Sunflower would be a flower which instantly makes one smile and rose is one that can evoke emotions of love and pain at the same time. But of course, none of the colors would look so gorgeous had queen color white not complemented each of them. Sea waves without the white madness would be dull. Isn't it?

The reason I am writing all this?? Well., the runaway syndrome as I mentioned in the opening paragraph. The writing will have a disconnect, the mind will be set free, without any restraints or constraints anywhere. I realize I enjoy Neruda's poetry much more during these unannounced bouts of craziness. 

People sometimes mindlessly binge on junk food, ice-creams, chocolates et al. Not that they are always happy or depressed. They may have the 'streak of madness' in them. After all, not many people would think of jumping from a 32 floor building for sheer fun, and not be suicidal at all. They may not attempt it, but the thought will strike nevertheless.

Madness is best enjoyed when you have company. People who share the same passion for madness often do crazy things. The joy is doubled when you have company.

But again, there are people who put a break to your madness and bring you back to life. They come in the form of parents, spouses, children, friends, colleagues, and siblings. It is healthy to have such people around you who value a balanced life. They help you keep your checks and balances intact.

Having said all that, a roller-coaster life is still more fun. It is true that there are low-lows, but the high-highs are what make life worth living :). It is lovely to be on a high or feel tipsy without a drop of alchohol- to let your mind wander and dream all day without feeling guilty.

Simple joys of life like being by the sea, listening to the birds twitter, sensing the flowers breathe (try observing), soaking in music 24X7, or enjoying 'dogspeak' (language in which dogs communicate)---can refresh and pep-you up in no time.

The most precious things in life are for free. You just need to figure out a way to savour them.

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